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Radiology team, Imaging Associates Mitcham (based within Mitcham Private Hospital) are able to offer patients priority access to a technological breakthrough in breast cancer detection which delivers a full field 3D digital mammography.

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At Mitcham Private Hospital, you have one stop access to comprehensive services both for women at risk of breast cancer (risk assessment) and those experiencing symptoms (diagnostic assessment). Patients are assured of a comfortable, streamlined experience, confident in the knowledge they are benefiting from the care and expertise of a highly skilled team.

Mitcham BreastCare was first to offer a service of this kind in the local area. The service allows GPs to refer for rapid expert assessment of any breast problems. This may include breast lump, breast pain, nipple discharge or any unexplained change.

Assessment is co-ordinated by our team of local Breast Surgeons in conjunction with the Imaging team. This is a rapid and elite breast assessment service.

The patient will be seen by one of a team of surgeons within two working days of referral, and diagnostic imaging can occur on the same day as the consultation. Imaging Associates Mitcham (based within Mitcham Private Hospital) offer patients priority access to industry leading breast radiological assessment. High definition 3D mammogram (tomosynthesis), high quality breast ultrasound and contrast enhanced mammogram (CEM) are available. If clinically required, ultrasound and tomosynthesis guided breast biopsy (with or without vacuum assistance) and hookwire localisation are also available.

Mitcham BreastCare was initiated following general practice and client feedback that there is often a delay between diagnostic testing and patient consultation. This can be an extremely stressful and challenging time.

The local surgeons involved in the service are Mr Michael Law, Mr Sunil Jassal, Miss Natalie Zantuck, Mr Michael Cheng and Mr Charles EL Yong.

For more information on this service or to make a referral please call 0418 901 383 alternatively you can:

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