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Mitcham Private Sleep Centre is a dedicated sleep disorder centre, that has been providing high quality services for over 20 years. Whilst located in Melbourne’s leafy eastern suburbs the unit provides services to clients from all parts of Victoria.

The Private Sleep Centre is;

  • 6 bed facility situated in a house, away from the hospital noises and replicates a home like environment
  • Provides high quality, full Level 1, overnight sleep studies of the highest international standard for privately insured, DVA and self-funded patients
  • Supported by a team of accredited, experienced Sleep Physicians, Scientists and Nursing staff
  • Provides comprehensive assessment and management of a range of sleep disorders, including:
    • Snoring
    • Sleep Apnoea
    • Sleep Disorders related to Heart Disease, Hypertension, Obesity
    • Excessive Daytime Sleepiness
    • Insomnia
    • Narcolepsy
    • Restless Legs Syndrome
    • Nightmares and Night Terrors
    • Sleep Walking/Talking
    • Jet Lag, Circadian Rhythm Disorders and Shifts on Body Clock

Make an appointment with one of our Sleep Specialists to help assess and manage your sleep disorder.

We are located at 36 Doncaster East Road, Mitcham

Sleep Centre
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