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Our Maternity Care Facilities

Mitcham Private Hospital has recently refurbished our maternity rooms to provide a modern and fresh environment designed to ensure the birth of your baby and your stay with us is a wonderful experience.

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Our 5 refurbished birth suites have been designed to provide a tranquil environment. All the equipment that you may need is there but cleverly designed cabinetry keeps it hidden away from view. You can dim lights, plug in your phone to play your own music & even set your own room temperature.

A dedicated lounge and self-service catering area is available for the comfort and convenience of maternity patients and their partners/support persons whilst in the birth suites.

The birth suites are also conveniently located on the same level as the postnatal maternity ward with direct access from the lower ground entrance.

Our postnatal maternity rooms are all private rooms where partners are welcome to stay overnight. Each room is fitted out with:

  • Ensuite bathroom
  • Mini fridge
  • Flat screen TV
  • Foxtel TV
  • Wi-Fi
  • Private patient and visitor courtyard

While every effort will be made to provide maternity patients their preferred accommodation, the configuration of rooms varies and the allocation of patients to rooms is managed according to the patient’s clinical needs and the activity within the unit at the time of admission.

There are many reasons why a baby requires admission to a Special Care Nursery. They may have been born prematurely (before 37 completed weeks) or are unwell. This means that extra nursing care is required and this extra care is provided in the Special Care Nursery within Mitcham Maternity at Mitcham Private Hospital.

We understand the admission of your baby to the Special Care Nursery environment may generate concern and many questions. As the care and comfort of you and your baby are our primary concerns, we are pleased to provide important information on our Special Care Nursery Services.

About Us

The Special Care Nursery at Mitcham Private Hospital is a Level 2 nursery that is able to provide specialised care for babies born from 32 weeks. Experienced midwives and neonatal nurses staff the unit 24 hours a day and are supported by a team of experienced paediatricians and neonatologist. They have an on call roster 24 hours a day, 7 days a week offering parents the reassurance of the best quality expert care.

In the event your baby becomes unwell or requires increased monitoring your baby will be transferred from our Special Care Nursery to a tertiary hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

When your baby no longer requires this higher level of care they may be transferred back to Special Care Nursery at Mitcham Private Hospital.

If your baby requires one of our Paediatricians to care for your baby at birth they will visit or be in contact with you and your baby every day.

Birth suites
Birth Suites

Special Care Nursery
Special Care Nursery

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Maternity Ward