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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you do need to be booked in with an obstetrician before you can complete the online booking form.

If you have not yet selected your obstetrician please refer to our list of obstetricians we recommend that you book in your obstetrician as soon as possible.

Mitcham Private Hospital can deliver babies when the pregnancy is 32 weeks or more. Mothers who go into labour prior to 32 weeks, in consultation with your obstetrician, will be transferred to a tertiary hospital where the baby can be cared for in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

A standard stay for vaginal birth is three to four nights, or four to five nights for a caesarean section.

Mitcham Private Hospital does offer an Early Discharge Service designed for mothers who have delivered with us and choose to leave hospital a day or too early. To enquire about this service speak to one of our midwifery team on Tel: 03 9210 3111

Yes. Tours of Mitcham Private Hospital Maternity Unit are held every second weekend. Bookings are essential as numbers are limited. To book your tour please book here.
Tours are also included for those participating in Preparing for Pregnancy and also our Childbirth Education classes.

Each fund is different. We recommend that you check with your private health fund to confirm your individual level of private health insurance before your admission. Most private health insurers have a 12 month waiting period before they will accept you for obstetric cover. Our maternity team can advise you and provide cost estimates that include any out-of-pocket expenses so you are better prepared.

No. Mitcham Private Hospital is happy to accept overseas and self-funded patients (link to self funded Maternity Care Package). Please contact the maternity unit to discuss your individual needs on Tel: 03 9210 3111

No. At Mitcham Private Hospital, our mums are guaranteed a private room and partners are welcome to stay.

Yes, as a self-funded patient, if your baby delivers early and you have not yet made your hospital payment you will be asked to make the full payment at the time of your admission to hospital.