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Frequently asked questions

An overnight study involves the monitoring of sleep state, including:

  • brain wave activity
  • eye movements
  • muscle tone
  • heart rate
  • respiration (breathing)
  • oxygen levels
  • limb movement
  • audio and visual recordings

These parameters are recorded through the placement of sensors on various parts of the body.

At the conclusion of the study, the results are analysed by a sleep scientist to quantify and classify the night’s events, with a subsequent review by a Sleep Specialist and diagnosis for treatment and/or recommendations.

Diagnostic Sleep Study - to monitor your sleep during the night.

Treatment with CPAP, positional therapy or nasal resistance – To provided treatment for your sleep condition and monitor how it affects your sleep.

Multiple Sleep Latency Tests and Maintenance of Wakefulness Test - these tests assist in monitoring your daytime sleepiness.

Mitcham Private Sleep Centre is a private facility and hospital accounts will be sent directly to your private health fund.

Most funds cover sleep studies. You may be required to pay an excess or co-payment depending on your insurance policy. Please check with individual funds for further details.

The item number to quote to your health fund is 12203.

Yes, Mitcham Private Hospital is happy to accept overseas and self-funded patients. Please contact our friendly team on 03 9210 3224 for a quote.

Yes. You can have a friend or family member stay with you in the evening before you go to sleep, however they will have to leave when you go to sleep. Patients who require an overnight carer to stay should prearrange it with the sleep administration team.

No problem - the wires all plug into a box, which is easily disconnected by our staff, so you can carry it into the bathroom. Urine bottles are also available on request.

Somewhat surprisingly, this isn’t usually an issue. It may take you slightly longer to fall asleep than usual but most patients manage to get enough sleep for us to make a conclusion about their sleep quality.

No. Sleep studies are specialist tests which require interpretation by physicians who are qualified specifically in sleep medicine.

Please ensure that you call ahead of time if you are unable to attend the sleep study.

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