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If you are a patient

Booking to see a sleep specialist or sleep study

If you or someone you know is experiencing sleep disorder problems, you should consult with a general practitioner for a referral to a Mitcham Private Hospital accredited Sleep Physician.

Once you have the referral please call 03 9210 3146 to make an appointment.

Our specialists offer the convenience of consulting onsite from the Mitcham Private Hospital Consulting Suites or from nearby, easily accessed, locations. For a full list of our specialist please click on the link.

Follow the simple steps below to book your sleep study.

Step 1 To book a sleep study call 9210 3224 (if you have a booking go to step two)
Step 2 Complete your General Pre-admission form.

Your sleep study

  • List of current medications and medications you require during your stay (no medications on site)
  • Toiletries
  • Night attire such as pyjamas, night dress
  • Bedtime reading or items for another relaxing activity
  • Your own pillow for comfort, if desired
  • If you have a CPAP mask and machine bring them with you
  • If you use an oral device during sleep such as splint or mouth guard bring that to use on the night

The Mitcham Private Sleep Centre is located at 36 Doncaster East Road, Mitcham, across the road from the main hospital. Please park in the Mitcham Private Sleep Centre car park as indicated on map.

On the night of your sleep study, please have your evening meal as usual and go directly to Mitcham Private Hospital (27 Doncaster East Road, Mitcham) at 7:00pm. Parking is available both at Mitcham Private Hospital and Sleep Centre.

After the admission, staff will direct you to the Mitcham Private Sleep Centre which is across the road. Our team will greet you and show you around the facility when you get there.

All studies are performed in private rooms, featuring comfortable beds, TVs and modern amenities to ensure the best possible sleep conditions. There are access ramps into the Sleep Centre for mobility impaired patients. Options for double beds are also available.

Once settled in your room, the staff member will apply various sensors used overnight to record sleep quality, breathing patterns, and body movement. This is a painless, non-invasive procedure. (approx. takes 45mins)

After you have been wired up, you are free to read in bed or watch TV until you are ready to sleep.

You will be woken around 6 am the following morning. Once the sensors are disconnected you are free to leave. There will be gel in your hair which can be washed off in the shower. There are showers at the centre, but you are safe to drive home for a shower if you prefer.

A light self-service breakfast is available in the morning and a light supper is available during your stay.

Please make an appointment with your Sleep Specialist to obtain your sleep study results if you have not already organised one. Your results will be ready for your doctor within two business days.

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