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Preparing for Pregnancy Information Evenings

This is an information evening for people who are not yet pregnant and planning a pregnancy.

Preparing for Pregnancy Information Evenings are offered regularly, they include educational presentations from an obstetrician, physiotherapist and a midwife. Our maternity staff are pleased to provide tours of the maternity unit during these sessions and can provide you with important information about the services and programs offered at Mitcham Private Hospital.

Topics covered:

  • The obstetrician’s role in your pregnancy care, tests, genetic counselling, cord blood collection
  • Diet, exercise, health management, fertility,
  • Self-funded maternity packages, private maternity care options, private health insurance

Cost: Free

Please note that when you register, the booking is per couple (2 people).

Information Evening - Planning a Pregnancy - per couple
Monday 16 November 2020
07.00 PM
Only 47 seats available. Register