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Mitcham Early Parenting Centre (Mother Baby Unit)

We have a new name! But still provide the same great service and care with the same team.

Our name change is in recognition of the diversity of families in our community to ensure all families seeking to access the service feel welcome.

Our Early Parenting Centre (Mother Baby Unit) was established in 1994 to provide specialised support and care to families experiencing postnatal difficulties in the weeks and months following the arrival of a new baby, up to twelve months of age. Although located in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs the unit provides services to families from all parts of Victoria.

These difficulties may include:

  • Feeding difficulties
  • Infant sleeping problems
  • Unsettled / irritable infants
  • Reflux and colic
  • Adjusting to parenthood

Our modern, newly refurbished unit is able to offer individual support and planning to suit your family over a four night residential stay. There is opportunity for education, rest, support and group discussions.

Following discharge we will support you with telephone contact as required.

Our Early Parenting Centre is also able to provide overnight accommodation for partners (at an additional cost).


A medical Practitioner is required to complete the EPC Medical Referral form. Please complete the EPC Pre-admission form and EPC Edinburgh Post natal Depression Scale (MR 335) and forward forms to our Intake Coordinator via Mail, Fax or email :


Fax: (03) 9210 3183
Mail: Early Parenting Centre
Intake Coordinator
Mitcham Private Hospital
27 Doncaster East Road
Mitcham VIC 3132
Beside table
Beside table

The Early Parenting Centre is staffed by Registered Nurses, Midwives, Mothercraft Nurses and Enrolled Nurses. A General Practitioner will admit you to the unit and be available throughout your stay for consultation. In addition Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Paediatricians and Physiotherapists are available if required and appropriate, on a consultancy basis.

Our newly refurbished unit offers 6 luxurious private suites with access to a modern dining and lounge area.

Partners and siblings are welcome to visit anytime; we encourage short visits for young children. We suggest you keep other visitors to a minimum and take the opportunity to rest.

Once we have received your paperwork we will contact you to confirm your admission. Our unit admits Mondays to Sunday, and is open every day of the year bar a short break over the Christmas / New Year period.

The cost of your stay will depend on the level of cover that you have with your Private Health Insurance. Our Business Office will contact you prior to your admission with your expected out of pocket expenses.

Residential program

Infant Health Record
Health Insurance Details
Medicare Card

For Parent

  • Casual, comfortable Day clothes
  • Night attire
  • Toiletries (include sun lotion in warmer months)
  • Current Medications
  • Tissues

For Infant

  • Clothing – enough for duration of stay
  • Toiletries
  • Pram
  • Favourite toys, play blanket and comforter for bed if age appropriate
  • Wraps
  • Bibs and spoon
  • Current medications
  • Bottles, Bottle Brush, Teats, Formula and Infant cup (if required)
  • Disposable Nappies
  • Infant cereal (if required)
  • You might like to bring your own cot sheets
  • Infants four months and over may use an acceptable sleeping bag.  All sleeping bags uses in the unit must not have a tog rating greater than 1.0 and should be light weight.

Mitcham Private Hospital will provide

  • Towels, Linen
  • Steam Steriliser and Bottle warmer
  • Solids for Babies if needed

We recommend you leave all valuable personal items at home, including money and jewellery. We cannot accept responsibility for the loss or damage of any item brought into the hospital.

Please contact the Early Parenting Centre via email or alternately phone (03) 9210 3134 Monday to Friday 10:00am – 1:00pm.