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Pregnancy and Birth Education

Birth and Parenting Education Classes and Tours

Preparing for Pregnancy Information Evenings are offered regularly, they include educational presentations from an obstetrician, endocrinologist, physiotherapist and a midwife. Our maternity staff are pleased to provide tours of the maternity unit during these sessions and can provide you with important information about the services and programs offered at Mitcham Private Hospital.

Topics covered:

  • Diet, exercise, health management, how to reduce your risk of gestational diabetes
  • Self insured packages, private maternity care options, private health insurance
  • The obstetrician’s role in your pregnancy care, tests, genetic counselling, cord blood collection

Information evenings

  • 3rd September 2018
  • 12th November 2018
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Tours of the unit are also available every second weekend. Numbers are limited to 10 couples per tour so all your questions can be answered.

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To assist you and your family in preparing for the birth of your new baby, we offer a comprehensive Antenatal Education Program. Our antenatal program consists of two classes and an online learning program. Classes are conducted by midwives onsite in the Mitcham Private Hospital Education House and include topics covering:

  • Preparation for labour
  • Childbirth
  • Early Parenting
  • Breast feeding
  • Transition from hospital to home with baby

Details on how to book classes will be sent to you once we have confirmed our maternity booking.

Mandarin Antenatal Education Program

Details on how to book classes will be sent to you once we have confirmed your maternity booking.

Refresher Class

This class is for couples who have already had at least one birth experience.

There will be discussion on the philosophies and principles of “active birth” and an update on pain management strategies in labour.

Partners are welcome and encouraged to attend this session.

These classes are run by Tim O’Leary, experience antenatal/post natal educator. Classes are casual, so fathers can relax and have a laugh as well as learn.

Grandparent Discussion Classes are held regularly. Classes can be booked by calling Tel: (03) 9210 3111.

Our Post Natal Education Program is conducted during your stay with us, and is specifically designed to enhance the postnatal experience for families. Our experienced and caring midwives and nursing staff offer individualised, around the clock postnatal care, providing guidance and support as you develop the key skills required for a successful transition from hospital to home with a new baby. Topics covered include feeding your baby, parenting skills, coping at home, baby safety and accessing community resources.

Mitcham Private Hospital recognises that all women have the right to education, encouragement, support and counselling so that they can successfully breastfeed.

We provide comprehensive education programs and a complete breastfeeding service. This service includes a breastfeeding clinic, education and resource materials.

All infant feeding education programs offered provide an approach that is flexible, creative, empowering and sensitive to the individual.

The Continence clinic is available to the general community, as well as Mitcham Private Hospital clients and is staffed by a supportive continence consultant who provides specialised assistance to Mums experiencing bladder difficulties. For more information or to book an appointment please call 9210 3101.