Mitcham Private Hospital
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Day Patients

Your specialist will make the necessary booking for you for the Day Procedure Unit. However, before you arrive, please note the following;

  • Your specialist will instruct you regarding any special preparation prior to your procedure. Please follow these instructions carefully and do not drink alcohol the day before admission
  • As certain types of anaesthetics may cause drowsiness and impair your mental alertness, legally you need to arrange for someone to collect you after your procedure
  • Wear loose, comfortable attire
  • Do not wear make-up, jewellery or nail polish on the day of admission
  • Please notify Day Surgery Unit Nurse in Charge if there are any special needs
  • Accommodation is shared in the Day Surgery Unit, no visitors are allowed with the exception of one parent escorting their child or carers of patients.

What to bring

  • List all current medications
  • Current medications in their original container/packet
  • Relevant x-rays, or other imaging scans and pathology reports
  • A favourite toy or game (children), and bottles/feeding cups if applicable.

What NOT to bring

  • Do not bring valuables or large sums of money to hospital as Mitcham Private Hospital cannot take responsibility for any lost or stolen belongings

Day Patients

Day Patients