Mitcham Private Hospital
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Newly refurbished birth suites

Refurbished birth suites

Our refurbished birth suites have been designed to provide a tranquil environment. All the equipment that you may need is there but cleverly designed cabinetry keeps it hidden away from view. You can dim lights, plug in your phone to play your own music & even set your own room temperature.

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Maternity Tours

Our midwives run regular weekend tours that give you plenty of time to have a look around our newly refurbished maternity ward and answer any questions you may have about your stay. To book simply click on the link.

Orthopaedic services

Complete Orthopaedic Care

Don’t let joint pain stop you doing the things you love. Our surgeons offer the latest solutions for every limb – including elbow, shoulder, hip, knee, foot and ankle surgery.

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Sleep Studies

State of the Art Sleep Studies

Did you know that sleep disorders are a major public health problem and can have a huge impact on a person's overall health, safety & quality of life?

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Adult Mental Health Services

Adult Mental Health Services

At some point in their lives as many as one-in-five people will experience a mental health disorder; Our mental health unit is available to provide our local community with access to mental health treatment. Our clinic provides a serene environment for all patients and visitors.

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State of the art technology at Mitcham

At Mitcham Private Hospital we cater for a broad range of health care needs from day surgery procedures through to major surgery.

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Perinatal Mental Health

Perinatal Mental Health Unit

Mitcham Private Hospital is now providing specialised care for mothers experiencing perinatal depression, anxiety and other related conditions.

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People caring for people.

Ramsay Health Care's slogan "People Caring for People" was developed over 25 years ago and has become synonymous with the way we operate our business. We recognise that we operate in an industry where "care" is not just a value statement, but a critical part of the way we must go about our daily operations in order to meet the expectations of our customers - our patients and our staff.

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